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We know you wake up every day to make things better and easier for your team, while aiming to reduce long-term costs and achieve excellent facility ratings.

But your overarching mission is to deliver the highest quality patient care, safety, and satisfaction. (Ours is too!)

With an ongoing and increasing healthcare staff shortage, it’s not too much to ask for competent and enthusiastic candidates to fill short-term vacancies quickly.

Registered nurses and allied health professionals are an ideal solution for covering difficult-to-fill positions and non-productive labor such as PTO, jury duty, leave of absence, or family leave. What’s more, medical travelers can help offset your overtime costs and hours — they have to get covered somehow!


As a medical staffing company, our mission is to meet demand for medical practioners by hiring those who can work in a hospital that has a need for nurses. There are many reasons there may be a nursing shortage in a particular healthcare facility, from maternity leave to leave-of-absences or just a plethora of nurses moving on in their careers. It takes a lot of time for healthcare facilities to hire new nurses — sometimes weeks. However, that could leave a gap that is noticeable for patients and affects their level of care.

Rapid Medical Staffing Agency is a medical staffing agency centered in Hampton, USA that offers medical practitioners temporary assignments in hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. There are many benefits to being a medical practitioners, from seeing the country to advanced compensation. Plus, you get to help people in an area that has a real need, which can be rewarding in and of itself.

With an ongoing and increasing healthcare staff shortage, it’s not too much to ask for competent and enthusiastic candidates to fill short-term vacancies quickly.

As a traveling nurse with Rapid Medical Staffing Agency, you can turn down assignments if you don’t want them. Then length of the assignments vary, and sometimes you may be offered either a semi-permanent or a permanent position at the place you are working. Every assignment will be different, and you’ll get to meet many people who you wouldn’t otherwise, and have a chance to leave a lasting impression.

As a medical practitioner, you will be richly rewarded — and we’re not talking monetarily-wise. You will not only be filling a need, but you’ll be brightening the lives of those whom you meet as well. You’ll be able to lend a helping hand and have fun while doing so. Being a medical practitioner will allow you to grow and spread your wings as well, and who knows the places you’ll see? Contact Rapid Medical Staffing today to get started!


“Rapid Medical Staffing Agency has the greatest healthcare staff!
You can tell the recruiting and screening has been conducted well,
and they are prompt in responding to any concerns.”

Our team was born out of a shared frustration with inefficient experiences with other medical staffing agencies. Our rigorous recruiting process ensures highly qualified candidates, all of whom are seamlessly onboarded to their assignment with you.

We prioritize the healthcare staffing requirements for your specific facility and team — backed by a promise of clear communication and availability when you need it.

At Rapid Medical Staffing, we understand that successful teamwork within your department is just as important as creating efficiency and meeting benchmarks.

All of our medical practioners and allied health professionals are adaptive by nature, learning quickly how your operation runs and how to find what they need to do their jobs well. They can bring the energy back to your department, helping to reduce errors, burnout, and turnover.

We’re here to help provide your facility with a vast pool of expertise and per diem resources that are flexible, reliable, and eager to be an integral part of your existing patient care team.

Healthcare Staffing Capabilities

A high percentage of facilities that we work with decide to hire our highly skilled
medical practioners candidates permanently.

We have a feeling you may want to keep yours too.

Ready to make a smart impact on your patient care?